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Become a CPI 260® Certified Practitioner.

One-on-one leadership development and coaching is where you can really make a difference in someone’s career. Let us help you use the power of the CPI 260® assessment with our certification program. Become a CPI 260® Certified Practitioner and administer the leading instrument for developing high-performing individuals and leaders.

How You'll Be Better

By participating in this highly interactive, comprehensive, two-and-a-half-day program you will:

  • Be better at applying the assessment’s results so that you can grow your clients’ leadership abilities and inspire greatness throughout an entire organization
  • Understand how to professionally and ethically administer and interpret reports, help clients make sense of their results, and address frequently asked questions
  • Become a strong guide to turn people into leaders, grow true potential, and improve performance
  • Receive a range of learning experiences, including lectures, activities, practice sessions, and homework to aid learning
  • Earn hours/CEUs from several professional organizations
  • Become eligible to purchase and administer the CPI 260 assessment upon successful completion of the program. Plus you’ll be able to advertise your newly acquired credential with the CPI 260 Certified Practitioner logo.

What You'll Learn

The CPI 260® Certification Program is designed to equip you with the information and experience you need to professionally and ethically administer the CPI 260 instrument and interpret results. The interactive workshop covers instrument design, scoring, and interpretation with a focus on the key applications of individual and leadership development. All the knowledge you need to successfully complete the certification exam is covered in the reading assignments and is brought to life in hands-on, practical learning sessions that cover these topics.

  • Introducing the CPI 260 Assessment
  • Administering the CPI 260 Assessment
  • Interpreting the CPI 260 Assessment
    • Four Steps to a CPI 260 Interpretation; Normative, Ipsative, and Configural Approaches
  • Applying Results in Business Settings
    • Leadership; Problem Solving and Decision Making; Self-motivation; Interpersonal Effectiveness; Administrative Skills; Self-awareness and Adaptability
  • Exploring the CPI 260® Coaching Report for Leaders
  • Bringing It All Together
    • Framing Your Discussion; Combining the CPI 260 Assessment with Other Assessments

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Sr. Manager Learning & Development, Actel® Corp.
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Independent Organizational Development Consultant
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