Research Services

CPP’s Research Services help you get the most out of your CPP assessments through statistical summaries, data analysis and interpretation, reporting of aggregate data, and assessment and research design. Whether you want to create a leadership profile to drive succession planning or to uncover employees attributes that define new communication strategies, CPP’s Research Services can be tailored to your business needs.

  • Data Extraction - Create a file of scored assessment responses for analysis and interpretation by the customer.
  • Data Management - Organize, filter, or select extracted responses.
  • Modeling, Reporting, and Interpretation - Analyze and/or summarize individual or group results generated by our assessments in customized reports and forms to meet customer needs.
  • Research Consulting - Design, develop, or implement customized workforce development solutions through the use of CPP's research expertise, data archives, and your assessment data.

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To learn more about CPP Research Services, email the research division.


  • Case Studies

    Transforming Data into Knowledge: Identifying Military Leaders, Building Competencies with CPP’s CPI 260® Assessment and Research Services

    Shaffer Title Uses Myers-Briggs® Assessment to Develop Common Corporate Language, Jump-Starting Growth