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Talent Management

Boost Workforce Vitality

September 26, 2011

CPP Consultant John Hagan recently authored this article discussing the importance of using assessments to promote growth in the workplace, and how assessments can not only help improve overall performance, but also increase job satisfaction and the level of managerial engagement.

Hagan references St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network and the organizations results on a survey focused on improving employees’ perceptions on management’s performance, their opinions of their workgroup’s health and their views of the organization as a whole. Using a variety of assessments, St. Luke’s produced a program aligning potential growth areas identified by the survey with psychometrically validated characteristics and preferences.

The CPI 434 and Myers-Briggs assessments helped to bridge various areas of concern identified in the survey. For example, a high score on the dominance scale of the CPI 434 assessment could be linked to a manager’s inability to obtain necessary team feedback. Typically such a score correlates with low scores from the manager’s staff on survey questions such as “Are you listened to?” “Is your voice heard?” and “Do you have an opportunity to give feedback?”

St. Luke’s has relied heavily on the Myers-Briggs assessment for training initiatives and as a general source of information regarding the managerial staff since 2001. In this program the assessment was used not just to identify the managers’ preferences but also to enable them to better understand and identify with their staff.

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