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Introverts: Managing stress in an extroverted workplace

February 29, 2012


Many people in IT tend to be introverts. They chose that profession because it gives them the ability to explore their thoughts. But those same people realize that it takes a little more effort, or at least a different kind of effort, to succeed in a place where extroverts seem to shine the most.

Sherrie Haynie offers Toni Bowers’ readers tips, or “strategies,” for an introvert who is performing an extraverted role. Here are a few Sherrie describes:

  • Don’t assume extroverts know how best to communicate with you — teach them. For example, explain why you need time to process before responding to a question.
  • Leverage your natural talent for depth by identifying the goal as far in advance as possible, so you’re prepared ahead of time when pressed in a meeting for input.
  • If a stressful situation is unresolved, your unconscious functions will take over. We typically act out of character under extreme stress, and for introverts, this reaction may show up as an outburst or other outward expression — opposite to their normal calm and reserved demeanor.

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