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New Customers

Please select the product(s) below you are interested in purchasing. Although some assessments have eligibility requirements, you can purchase support materials for these products immediately.

Outside of the United States

If you are located outside of the US, please contact Global Sales at or complete the Global Sales form for assistance in getting access to CPP’s products. Online purchasing through CPP is unavailable to international customers. You may also visit Global Sales for assistance in locating a distributor near your territory.

What Are Eligibility Requirements?

At CPP we are committed to ensuring the professional and ethical use of the tools we publish. To be eligible to purchase and use many CPP assessments, practitioners are required to complete some training in the model behind and the administration, interpretation, and application of these tools. This requirement can be met by either successfully completing an assessment-specific certification program or attaining certain educational and/or licensing credentials.

Of course, if you're a returning customer, you may already be eligible to purchase a product.

  • Certification Eligibility: A practitioner who successfully completes a certification program for a specific assessment is designated as a Certified Practitioner and is able to purchase and administer that assessment. Learn more.
  • Educational Eligibility: An individual who has earned a master's or doctoral degree in psychology, counseling, organizational development, or a related field, or who holds a certain state license or state/national credential, is considered educationally eligible to purchase and administer assessments. However, only those practitioners who attend and successfully complete a certification program for an assessment are granted the Certified Practitioner designation for that assessment. Learn more.

CPP recognizes the value of and holds in high regard the educational and licensing credentials that qualify individuals to purchase and administer our assessments. However, we strongly recommend that all practitioners complete a certification program to acquire in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of an instrument and its applications.

Certification Outside of the United States

CPP's network of international distributors provides certification training for our instruments around the world. To find a program in your region, visit our Global Sales page. Certification criteria for CPP's instruments may vary by region. CPP supports any regional requirements that may differ from U.S. requirements. If you have any questions regarding certification outside the US, or would like assistance finding the closest certification program please contact