Employee Self Assessment & Self Assessment Tests

One tool that many human capital managers use to better understand their talent pool and engage high potential employees is the employee self assessment (or self-assessment). With the gap in the leadership pipeline caused by the Baby Boomer generation, the Aberdeen Research Group found that best-in-class organizations are 31% more likely than other organizations to use pre-hire assessments and 80% more likely to use post-hire assessments (download your free copy of the report here.

Employee self assessments can not only increase leadership effectiveness and improve teamwork but also aid organizations in reaching their talent management goals. They can also help employees gain greater self-awareness, which leads to a more flexible workforce as well as provide employees with insights into possible career paths within the company that would play to their strengths.

Often, employee self assessments such as the MBTI® assessment are mislabeled as self assessment tests or personality tests. While there are indeed employee self assessments out there that fall under the category of tests, the MBTI assessment is not one of them. For more about why the MBTI assessment should never be called a test, feel free to read the blog post here: This Is Not a Test…(Personality or Otherwise).