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Workforce Management

Picking the Perfect Personality: Assessment Tests Grow in Popularity

July 28, 2011

Personality assessments have been gaining popularity in the past decade, with a May 2011 study by consulting firm Aberdeen Group finding that more than 80 percent of the companies it surveyed employ some type of assessment either during the hiring process or when making talent management decisions internally.

This article includes comments from CPP’s Michael Anderson about the assessments and customer Bob Weigand, of St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network, about the return on investment after incorporating the tools to the company’s recruitment and managerial strategy.

“It is well-documented that a managerial vacancy in any industry, not just in health care, can cost that company anywhere between 1.5 and four times that position’s salary,” says Bob Weigand, director of workforce development for St. Luke’s. “After just two years, we were saving well over $600,000 a year on paper. And that is a conservative estimate. The return on investment we have seen is huge.”

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