Three Ready-to-Go Leadership Training Modules Available for Quick Purchase and Download on

Get your leadership development training initiatives off to a quick, powerful start with these three downloadable MBTI® Leadership Workshops.

Designed to be used individually or successively as part of a leadership training series, these ready-to-go workshops include everything you need to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to maximize their impact and drive organizational performance.

The series includes three full-day workshops that can be broken down and delivered as shorter training modules or customized to deliver a comprehensive Myers-Briggs® leadership training program. With these easy-to-use presentation materials and time-tested activities, you’ll engage participants in understanding the connection between personality type preferences and leadership styles, as well as guide them in developing action plans for becoming powerful communicators, productive problem solvers, and inspiring leaders.

Each workshop includes the following materials to ensure a smooth program delivery:

  • Instructions, script, and facilitator tips
  • Sample agenda
  • Exercises and handouts
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Evaluation forms

Visit to learn more today and order your workshop.

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