Personality Profile and Personality Type Tests

Our personalities are multi-faceted, truly fascinating parts of who we are. Each person is unique due to their genetics and their experiences. While no two people are exactly alike, similarities and consistencies within those similarities have lead psychologists to study personalities for centuries and to group similar personalities in order to better understand individuals as well as help individuals better understand themselves and each other.

One of the most famous psychologists in the realm of personality was Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Using his theory of personality, Kathryn Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers Briggs created the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help describe four of the many facets that make up an individual’s personality profile. While the MBTI is just one of the many personality type tests used to shed light on any individual’s complex psychological makeup. (Note though that many in the field of psychology don’t use the word ‘test’ but rather ‘assessment.’ The word test implies right and wrong answers, and while some psychological assessments do test for disorders and irregularities, many assessments like the MBTI measure preferences and personality characteristics that are not right or wrong, just different). Other personality type tests include the FIRO assessment, the CPI assessment, the Strong Interest Inventory, the TKI Conflict Mode Instrument, the Big 5, and more.

By taking personality assessments, one can start to understand their own personality profile. This self-awareness is a critical business skill, as from self-awareness comes the awareness that others’ personality profiles may or may not be similar to oneself, and these personality differences affect every interaction in our lives, both personally and professionally.

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