Community Giving


Giving back to the community has been a CPP priority since the company’s inception in 1956. This mandate reflects the legacy of CPP’s founder, John Black, who devoted time and resources to philanthropic activities. The company actively supports the communities in which its employees live and work by budgeting a percentage of earnings to contribute to various causes and organizations.

Consistent with its corporate vision, CPP’s philanthropic activities today focus on contributing to programs that support people, promote educational opportunities, and help underserved communities. Our commitment to corporate citizenship also extends to providing high-quality products and services that are socially sound and conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner.


Charitable Organizations

Charitable donations to local and national nonprofit organizations near our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, help communities in various ways. We also give to organizations that provide national and international support efforts.


Some of the organizations CPP is pleased to support include the following: