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Virtual training for effective communications within groups and teams

According to The Conference Board’s 2018 C-Suite Challenge™ report, CEOs are seeking an open, safe, and transparent culture of feedback by encouraging more effective communication up, down, and across the organization.

In today’s hyper-connected world where individuals and teams work together, communication is no longer a desirable skill – it’s a critical one. Get it wrong, even slightly, and the results can be costly. Interpersonal conflict, project inefficiencies, and low employee engagement all cost real business dollars.

Introducing Communicating for Results, an end-to-end virtual training program designed to improve your organization’s performance through more effective workplace communications.

100% online, including live virtual sessions. Anyone in your organization can participate, wherever they are based. It’s easily scalable, too.
White glove service. From delivery and course management to support, it’s a timesaving, stress-free experience that’s easy for your organization to implement.
People-focused MBTI® training. All learning is rooted in the MBTI framework.
Measurable results. Formal evaluation is built in to the program.

Measurable, scalable, and cost-effective training for multiple group and team sizes

Help your employees build stronger relationships and develop communication strengths so they become better team players and can lead with confidence.

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Source: The Conference Board - C-Suite Challenge™ 2018, an analysis of the more than 1,000 CEO and C-Suite responses.