Standard Terms & Conditions for License of CPP Electronic Products

Version: October 2014

By purchasing CPP’s Electronic Products (as defined below), you agree to be bound by these Standard Terms & Conditions for License of CPP Electronic Products (“Terms”) as of the date you make such purchase. 

1.  Definitions. The terms below are defined as follows:

2.  Limited Grant of License. Subject to the these Terms, for each Electronic Product duly purchased under your account, CPP grants to you a non­exclusive, non­transferable, non­sublicensable, worldwide,, revocable (upon termination), royalty­free, fully paid­up license to reproduce and distribute such Electronic Product for the limited purposes specified in this Agreement.

3.  Conditions of Grant of License. The license granted to you under these Terms is conditioned upon the following:

4.  Intellectual Property. CPP reserves all rights in the Electronic Products and CPP’s other intellectual property. Other than the limited grant of license contemplated by these Terms, no transfer of rights or other license is intended by this Agreement. You agree not to challenge CPP’s ownership of the Electronic Products and you agree not to take any action inconsistent with or detrimental to CPP’s proprietary rights in the Licensed Content.

5.  Fees & Payment Terms.

6.  Termination.
7.  General Provisions.