Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the “R” in parentheses after some of the assessment titles?
A: Certain assessments published by CPP, Inc., have specific requirements that must be met in order for you to purchase and administer them. Instruments with such requirements are indicated with an “R” in the catalog and on You can meet these requirements either by successfully completing a certification program and receiving the designation Certified Practitioner or by being granted Education Eligibility based on having a master’s degree or higher in psychology, counseling, organizational development, or a related field. For a complete list of all related fields, click here. For information on how to become certified on a particular instrument, click here.
Q: How does CPP know whether I'm certified?
A: To become certified on a CPP instrument, you can attend a certification program offered by CPP or, by one of our authorized partners. Our partners provide us with details on who attends their certification programs so that we are able to confirm their ability to purchase assessments. In addition, all customers wishing to purchase assessments that carry requirements are asked to fill out a Purchase Eligibility Form in which you list the certification courses you’ve attended.purchase eligibility form.
Q: Can I order by fax?
A: Yes. Print out and complete the downloadable Order Form. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™. If you don't have it you can download it for free. Please note that you should not place the same order via both fax and the website. Choose either method, not both.
Q: What is your return policy?
A: Returns and exchanges must be sent to CPP via traceable methods. Returns will be for credit only. To receive credit to your CPP account, materials must be unopened, in reusable condition, accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and returned within 60 days of the original invoice date. This policy also applies to administrations. Kits and Money-Saving Packages must be returned in their entirety. Test results are not returnable for credit. CPP requires that all prepaid answer sheets be scored no later than December 31 of the year following the year of the sale or license in question.
Q: I am an International Customer. How do I place an order?
A: If you are an International Customer, please check with your local, CPP-authorized international product distributor for qualifying workshops and requirements.
Q: I am a student. How do I order restricted materials for my dissertation, thesis, or class project?
A: If you will be ordering as a student, you do not need to meet the qualification requirements yourself but you must fill out our qualification form and have it co-signed by your advising professor, and submit it with your first order. Be sure to check the box on the qualification form that says "I am a student. My professor has signed below." A qualification form can be printed from our website, and then faxed or mailed with your initial order.
Prepayment is required on all student orders. Ordering as a student also entitles you to a 25% discount on testing material orders over $25.00. Your student status is good for one calendar year from the date of your first purchase. If you still need to order restricted materials after one year, you will need to complete a new qualification form and have it signed by your advising professor.
Taking the Assessments
Q: How can I take the MBTI® assessment if I'm not certified to order it?
A: You will need to go to a counselor or psychologist or other testing professional to take the MBTI® assessment. Check with your local community college or university, or to get a list of professionals who are qualified to administer and interpret the MBTI® instrument, contact:
MBTI® Master Practitioner Referral Network
Association for Psychological Type (APT)
Q: How can I take the Strong assessment if I'm not certified to order?
A: You will need to go to a counselor or psychologist or other testing professional to take the Strong. Check with your local community college or university, or in the phone book under Careers and/or Counseling.
Mail-in Scoring
Q: How long will it take to receive my scored results?
A: Please allow 7 to 10 business days from the day we receive your answer sheets.
Q: What if I need my results sooner?
A: There is an option for rush service. There is a $7.00 handling charge per rush order in addition to the freight charge. Options are listed on the "Request for Scoring Services form." See below for details on how to obtain a Request for Scoring Services form.
Q: My prepaid answer sheet says to complete a "Request for Scoring Services form." I don't have this form. Can I still send in my answer sheet?
A: A Request for Scoring Services form is usually included with all CPP answer sheets. There is a Request for Scoring Services form in the back of our catalog. If you do not have the form, and cannot print it from our website, you can still send in your answer sheet for scoring. Just be sure to include a cover sheet with a client list and the name and address to which the results are to be sent. (Please note: Results must be sent back to the counselor or qualified user.) And be sure to let us know if you want any additional services such as upgrades or Federal Express services.
Q: I bought prepaid forms. What are all these prices on the back of the Request for Scoring Services form?
A: If you want only the report that you prepaid for, you do not need to worry about those prices. Those are listed in case you are sending in forms that are not prepaid, or if you would like an additional report.
Q: Where should I send my answer sheets for scoring?
A: Please send your answer sheets to the address below:
CPP Scoring Center
3520 Thomas Road, Suite D,
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(800) 624-1765
Q: How can I check on answer sheets I have sent in for scoring?
A: Please call the scoring center.
Santa Clara, CA (800) 624-1765
Permission and Copyright
Q: I want to use one of CPP's copyright protected instruments. Do I need permission?
A: Permission is not necessary if you will be using our instruments as purchased from CPP. You need only purchase the number of assessments you will administer. However, you may not photocopy or reproduce materials you have purchased from CPP. Should you need to adapt CPP materials for use in research, written permission from CPP is required. Please visit the Permissions section of for more information.
Q: My dissertation committee is requiring me to include a copy of the instrument I am using in my dissertation. Can I do that?
A: You may not include a copy of any of CPP’s instruments in your thesis, dissertation, or other publication. However, you may include sample items if you first obtain permission from CPP. Please visit the Permissions section of for more information.
Q: How do I become certified to use CPP's restricted materials?
A: For most items, you must meet specific educational certification requirements. However, specialized certification trainings are available for some instruments.