People development solutions used by 88 of the Fortune 100 companies

CPP – The Myers-Briggs® Company is the world’s people development coach. We help millions of people every year be better. Our market-leading personality, career, and organizational development assessments support both personal and professional development. With our market-leading reputation and more than 70 years of experience, we’re able to help organizations in 115 countries enhance individual development, corporate culture, leadership, coaching, team building, engagement and more. 


Build a culture of performance. To compete and win in today’s global business environment, successful organizations must be structured for speed, agility, and adaptability.* Our solutions help you develop employee engagement strategies, boost the resilience of your people, strengthen leadership, improve team dynamics, and increase productivity.

Grow your business. With the world’s most trusted people development solutions in your toolkit, you can deliver unrivaled insight to enrich interpersonal communication and help your clients create the agile, robust culture they need to succeed. As a certified practitioner, you’ll be supported by a wealth of customizable resources and the tools you need to deliver maximum impact.

Improve student performance—on‑campus and beyond. Increasingly, students expect schools, colleges, and universities to be a partner in preparing them for a successful career. Our globally recognized solutions include student assessment tools that deliver powerful perspectives on learning style and career interests, driving better on-campus engagement and educational outcomes. 

Become a better version of you. Objective insight into your strengths and blind spots, as well as seeing how you differ from others, is invaluable in your work, relationships, and life. Our proven assessments support meaningful learning about yourself, and are far more than simple personality tests. Discover how we can help you benefit from the increased understanding and expanded life choices self-awareness brings.

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