Offer career insights through self‑discovery

The VitaNavis platform provides the SuperStrong® assessment, an abbreviated version of the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. Designed to help individuals explore educational and career options on their own, the SuperStrong assessment makes it possible for you to provide personality and career insights to all your current and prospective students without offering a facilitated interpretation session. From student admission through graduation, it supports students understanding of their unique personal attributes and interests as they are considering or choosing a major and/or a career.


Help students develop an effective career development plan

The SuperStrong assessment helps students think clearly about career options and what to study in college to prepare for those options. With this insight, students can more readily identify which subjects are appropriate or required for a particular field. Designed for use on mobile devices, so that results can be accessed anywhere, the VitaNavis platform is robust and secure. As with all CPP assessments, the SuperStrong assessment is supported by a Customer Relations team dedicated to resolving any concerns and questions quickly and efficiently.

Secure and robust support for career exploration

The VitaNavis platform enables:

  • Discovery of study and career options—It delivers personalized results that suggest, rather than limit, the exploration of real pathways, programs, and opportunities.
  • Unparalleled insight into current work environments—By connecting to real-world data from O*NET, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and IPEDS, it supports practical and effective exploration of career possibilities.
  • Oversight for career counselors—The VitaNavis dashboard provides a valuable snapshot of combined classroom results.
  • Direction for further educationThe VitaNavis platform allows students to search for educational institutions and programs at those institutions based on their career choices. 



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